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  • PerksTips
    Creating a Low-Turnover Culture
    Sick of high turnover? You should be; the potential costs of losing and replacing an employee are enormous.There isn’t one cure-all panacea to fix turnover, and this article won’t  be prescribing any such turnover miracle medicine. However, PerkNow  believes that issues with a company’s culture is one of the biggest  determining factor in any employee’s decision to leave. Here are s ...
  • PerksRants
    Hate “Post-Work Work”? Us Too. Let’s Fix It.
    You’ve heard the refrain before, but it bears repeating: over the  course of your full-time career, you will likely spend over 1/4th of  your waking hours doing work! A 2016 US Bureau of Labor Statistics  survey of full-time employed Americans reveals that the average time  spent working each day is 6.41 hours (that includes weekends!). I’m no  exception to this trend, as ...
  • Perks
    3 Reasons Your Perk Program Isn’t Working
    The  21st Century workplace just can’t get enough employee perks: the Society for Human Resources Management reports that 88% of organizations  offered professional membership benefits in 2016, a 23% increase compared with 1996. Perks, if done right, can help decrease turnover, improve employee performance, and create a positive, productive company culture.SPOILER ALERT: perks are almost ...
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