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Motivating Employees with the Power of Perks

Many people, particularly young people, have been reporting that they are dissatisfied with their working environment and are more financially stressed. Working long, hard hours is difficult for anyone, and I think this may simply be a symptom of that difficulty. Because of this unrest and financial stress, many employers are seeking ways to better motivate their employees. One of the more innovative ways of motivating workers is through perks.

So what are perks?

To put it simply, perks are things that help employees do their job better. They can range from things like a company car, or an on-site gym, to corporate insurance coverage. They can be based on performance, offered after a certain amount of time, or as a signing bonus for working with the company. Many young people experience an undue amount of stress relating to their finances and work life, and perks can alleviate much of that tension. They provide services that would otherwise cost large amounts of money.
Employee satisfaction is very important for keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. When a person is unhappy with the work they are doing, they are less likely to be their best self. This can be compounded by financial stress as well. Utilizing perks, corporations can eliminate some of that stress which, in turn, increases productivity in the workplace. Businesses are like an engine in that way. If the "parts" are well maintained and tended to, they will run more smoothly. Services that offer pre-packaged perks, such as PerkNow, are a great way to provide these perks. Perks can also consist of employee benefits. Employee benefits typically include things like health and life insurance, 401(k) and retirement plans. These benefits programs help provide a sense of security and encourage people to trust that their employer will take care of them. Employee satisfaction is something that can almost always be improved, and perks, as well as benefits programs, are fantastic ways of increasing and continuing that satisfaction.

Perk Packaging Services 

PerkNow is an Employee Experience platform. They group all your perks in one place, so that they are easier to manage and can be provided in a coherent and easily understood manner. PerkNow offers packages of perks that are grouped together, making it much easier for employers to provide a consistent package for all of their employees. This automation frees up more time for human resources, allowing them to focus on other tasks. PerkNow is used by such reputable businesses as doTERRA, Oracle, and Xactware.

Packaging these offers and perks also helps team members understand that everyone is being treated equally. By using packages, it is implicit that everyone is getting the same thing. Equality is very important in the modern workplace, and knowing that everyone is receiving the same perk benefits can help solidify team cohesion. Group cohesion, or social cohesion, is the process of a group or team bonding with each other. Through cohesion, group members learn to trust and depend on one another, as well as the group as a whole. By providing a positive atmosphere and keeping employees stress free and satisfied, employers can foster cohesion among their employees. A cohesive group or team will act much more like a single mind than many people going in different directions. By fostering this process, things like teamwork and employee productivity and output can be increased if not maximized. Adding incentives based on merit or group productivity is a great way to encourage this kind of team building.

Creating an Attractive Workplace

In order to get employees that are competent and productive, businesses need to be attractive to those employees. Perks and employee benefits make companies much more attractive to work for. Gym memberships, tickets to a show, or other unique offers, create a competitive offer that other businesses may not be able to meet. Every business is capable of offering a wage, but not every business offers perks that people actually want. Gift cards are an example of this. Since they are specialized in nature, not everyone may want them. This demands that the person providing the gift card know their audience. Specific packages and offers can be tailor made to entice a particular type of employee. Through the PerkNow’s rewards tool, managers can send an employee a reward balance that is redeemable for any gift card that the employee wants through a custom virtual catalog and everything is done instantly.

Motivation can be a tricky thing. It's not easy to understand the desires of someone you aren't intimately familiar with, especially when you only see them a few hours per day. Running a business requires that you do, however, and simply offering a paycheck is rarely enough, however competitive the rate may be. Unique perk packages help businesses stand out from the rest. Rewarding employees for good performance, however, helps motivate even those who may not have performed as well. By simply showing them that they can be rewarded for performance, rather than just the amount of time they put in, seeds of motivation can be planted among even the most obdurate employees.
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