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Companies based on employee reviews have become widely known for their honest insight into the employment experience of many companies. As the site has developed it's ranking system, it has become a valuable tool for potential job applicants to garner an understanding of other workers experiences in the workplace, as well as the expectation of the workplace culture. As such, it is important for businesses to maintain high ratings on the website to ensure that qualified applicants are not discouraged from applying for roles within the company.

Therefore, the question of the manipulation of these rankings is brought into question. Many companies have been rumored to have manipulated their company's overall ranking in the past, causing the reviews left on the website to be less than truthful. It is important to consider whether these rankings can actually be manipulated - either negatively or positively - and how to address platforms such as this to ensure your company is able to thrive.

What Is Glassdoor? 

Glassdoor is a company that prides themselves on unbiased workplace reviews. The website considers a wide variety of different aspects of the workplace, from company culture, positive and negative attributes, salaries and compensation, as well as the ability for upward growth. Reviews posted on the website come from a wide variety of workers - from individuals who have just started working with the company to individuals who have been working there for quite some time. Furthermore, reviews can be posted by individuals of different positions, giving potential applicants an idea of the expectations and experiences that individuals in a wide variety of different roles have encountered.

In most cases, the reviews are posted publicly by employees of the company who have been working with the company for more than six months. The website allows each reviewer to provide feedback on the pros and cons of the position, as well as compensation information and their overall assessment of the workplace itself. It also allows for suggestions to management, providing individuals with a platform to express their opinions and desires for the future of the company.

How Can These Reviews Be Influenced? 

Obviously, it is impossible to stop a person from going online and posting a negative review about a company, position, or even policy upheld by a company. However, some companies have been accused, in the past, of manipulating the ranking by encouraging or forcing individuals to leave positive reviews - potentially fraudulent reviews - for the company on the website. In some cases, the incentives for this were monetary rewards or other prizes. In other cases, some HR departments were accused of having made positive reviews a condition of employment or upward movement.

However, these fraudulent review methods are not the only way that a company's reviews can be manipulated. In fact, there are several perfectly ethical way to manipulate reviews for a company online by utilizing the positive assets a company has to offer and encouraging workers to provide their own feedback and thoughts on the website itself. While this may seem implausible, in many cases, people who are content in their workplaces are more than happy to provide positive feedback for a company on their behalf.

There are several ways to provide incentives that will either negatively or positively manipulate overall ratings, such as:

How Can Companies Manipulate Positive Reviews Ethically? 

As previously stated, there are a variety of ways to ensure people feel encouraged to leave positive reviews for their company. However, at the end of the day, one of the best ways to make employees feel appreciated, accepted, and acknowledged is through perks and benefits management systems, such as Nectar HR. Nectar HR allows individuals to work with their HR department to receive benefits - such as points for jobs well done that can be cashed in for prizes - as well as acknowledgment and recognition when it is deserved.

Systems such as Nectar HR have been proven to positively influence overall online reviews. This is due largely to the fact that individuals feel as though their work is recognized, highlighted, and rewarded, making them feel as though their contributions to the workplace are truly appreciated. Teammates who are appreciated are much more likely to leave positive reviews. Furthermore, even those individuals who choose to leave negative reviews are often drowned out by the plethora of positive reviews left by workers who feel as though their company was willing to recognize their hard work and dedication at the end of each day.

Ultimately, reviews left on Glassdoor can be influenced - however, much of this influencing is left up to the company and their HR department. The way that the company chooses to motivate its people will always reflect on the company's overall reviews - and if the company is willing to listen to the input of their teammates they are often able to succeed in getting positive reviews and being highly regarded as a fantastic company to work for. The utilization of perks management systems provides companies with a platform to help boost morale.

While this definitely will not guarantee that all reviews left on online are positive, in many cases, it will bring in a plethora of positive reviews. Individuals who feel encouraged and supported by their company will be willing to go out of their way to let other individuals know that the company is worth working for - and this is the best way to ethically influence and manipulate your overall online reviews on web platforms like those previously mentioned, who look for the employee's perspective on the overall workplace.
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