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You’ve heard the refrain before, but it bears repeating: over the course of your full-time career, you will likely spend over 1/4th of  your waking hours doing work! A 2016 US Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of full-time employed Americans reveals that the average time  spent working each day is 6.41 hours (that includes weekends!). I’m no exception to this trend, as I write this article at 6 PM on a Thursday.
The most frustrating part? Once you’re finally done with work, you’re left with dreaded “post-work work”, the stuff you don’t get paid for that feels exactly like work: dry cleaning, oil changes, taxes, washing your car, taking your car to the mechanic, etc. Your post-work time is limited: you should be spending time with family & friends, being active in your community, exercising, etc. (watching Netflix on your couch is also a good option!).

How to fix this problem? “On-site amenities”, enter stage left. Rather than forcing employees to use time driving around town taking  care of post-work work, some companies have chosen to bring vendors onsite that can take care of post-work work while you’re at ACTUAL work. Need an oil change? Don’t bother driving to the mechanic, the company will bring the mechanic to you. Scheduled for a massage? Take it during  work when you need it the most, rather than sacrificing precious post-work time. Need your taxes done? Do it during your lunch break and spend the evening with your family.

Pioneered by some of Fortune’s Top Companies to Work For (including SAS, a statistical software company where you can get a massage, see the  doctor, and get a haircut), on-site amenities work for both employers and employees. Employees get to take back their free time and relegate “post-work work” to work hours. Employers get a more engaged, satisfied, flexible workforce that feels more comfortable with spending time at  work.

Interested in trying out some of these on-site amenities? PerkNow is a pioneer in offering such amenities: we’ve partnered with local vendors  and service providers to give you and your company easy access to on-site goods and services.
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