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Attracting, motivating and retaining high quality workers is a challenge for many companies. Good workers often have many companies vying for their services. Getting the best workers to choose and remain with your company can be a challenge for your HR department. Not only must they offer attractive compensation packages, a growing number of employers are also using perks, rewards and incentives to entice hot candidates to join and remain with their companies. One of the hottest new hiring incentives employers are offering is paying off employees' student loans.

Addressing A Major Problem

In the United States, student debt totals more than $1.5 trillion. Plus, over 8 million Americans, 20% of federal student loan borrowers, are in default. There are also million more Americans struggling to make payments on their student loans to avoid amassing thousands of dollar more in interest and penalties for late payment. With student debt such a pressing problem, offering to help college graduates pay off those loans is a powerful incentive to make many talented individuals accept a position and stay with a company. That's why paying-off an employee's student loans is among the most attractive hiring incentives.

Just One Of Many 

Offering to pay-off an employees' student loans is just one of the latest incentive perks and rewards employers are offering to get and keep good workers. The staff of the human resources departments of companies nationwide are spending countless hours trying to come up with effective, attractive, incentives to make the best and brightest individuals join and remain with their companies. But for many human resources departments it is a draining and time-consuming task. One that makes them less productive when it comes to their other responsibilities within the company.

A Great Solution

There is a way for companies to get a steady stream of innovative, effective, desirable, incentives that can help to attract top talent and make them want to stay. The solution is to get PerkNow. This employee experience platform offers any human resources department an unending flow of excellent attractive, exciting, employee incentives and rewards. PerkNow can streamline and simplify the process HR departments have for creating reward programs and corporate perks that will attract, please and motivate great employees to accept positions and remain with their company long term.

Fierce Competition For Top Employees

The competition among companies in a wide range of industries to get and retain talented, competent staff is fierce. Savvy human resources department heads are leveraging the power of incentives and meaningful rewards to make their companies more attractive to the most desirable workers in their industry. PerkNow can help. The platform can save companies and their human resources departments time and money and make them stand head and shoulders above the competition as they vie for the attention and commitment from the most productive and innovative workers. It helps to engineer memorable moments it's near impossible for employees to resist or walk away from.

Attracting And Retaining Quality Employees

PerkNow has proven to be very effective in helping companies nationwide attract and retain quality employees and enjoy a vast array of important benefits from having them on board. The platform not only saves companies the hassles and headaches associated with developing and managing an incentive program of their own. It comes with hundreds of pre-loaded incentives and enables companies to also promote the discounts, fitness classes, swag, events and other incentives they already have in place. The PerkNow platform can help to increase the profile of and people's interest in a company.

PerkNow Rewards 

Gift cards are among the most beloved and sought-after workplace incentives. But for many companies, creating and managing gift card incentive programs can be time consuming, labor intensive and cumbersome. The PerkNow Rewards program can automate the process, allow your human resources department to send rewards almost instantly, keep track of every aspect of the gift card program and provide all the information related to the program in one simple easy to understand report. This benefits your company, your staff and your bottom line. It frees up the human resources staff's time and resources to focus on your company's core competencies.

A Better Employee Experience

One of the keys to high employee retention rates is to ensure a better employee experience. Companies that can provide a stimulating work environment, a good compensation package as well as a wide array of rewards that improve their employees' quality of life are able to enhance the employee experience. This will improve their chances of winning the recruiting battle for the best employees available. Employees want to be appreciated, challenged, given opportunities for growth and be well compensated for their work. Being rewarded above and beyond their salary helps to make the employee experience even better.

Consistent, Meaningful Rewards

When an employee knows they will consistently receive meaningful rewards for their contributions to the company, it is a powerful incentive to give their very best. When those rewards enhance the employee's work/life balance and create harmony between the things they do at work and the benefits they enjoy at home, it make employee retention much easier. Most people want to stay where they are treated well and all their needs and desires are being met. The PerkNow platform with its consistent, desirable, meaningful, valuable, rewards gives employees a great incentive to remain with the company.

Increased Productivity

Companies want the best employees possible so they can consistently enjoy increased productivity. Creating effective reward and incentive programs that offer the things employees want and need delivers an excellent return on investment. Doing things like paying off an employee's student loans reduces their stress and enables them to be more productive. Making that kind of win-win experience a regular part of a company's culture makes attracting and retaining high quality, very productive, employees a lot easier. PerkNow can help to make any company an incentive laden workplace people love.

Scalable And Easy To Use

Using the PerkNow platform is fast and simple. The platform can be quickly scaled up so everyone in the company has the opportunity access perks, save money and earn rewards for simply doing their jobs. They can choose gift cards from over 100 top brands including Nike, Amazon, Visa and Target. The PerkNow platform enables employees to get an endless array of rewards and incentives every day. It can make simply going to work and doing your job more fun and exciting than ever before. People will be talking about your company all over Texas.

The Hottest New Employment Incentive

Having a company offer to pay off your student loans in addition to paying you a good salary is a hard offer to resist. Installing the PerkNow platform in your company and providing employees with rewards every day is also a great incentive. One than can take a whole lot of stress off of your HR department, make your company very attractive to many employees and make your staff much more productive. Many well respected companies have already secured the PerkNow platform for their staff and it continues to get rave reviews. People love how easy to find relevant discounts and take advantage of them through the platform. Managers love how simple it is to send rewards to their team.

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