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Empower employees with their choice of incentives

Recognizing and rewarding employees for their efforts and performance is vital to a thriving culture. Automate the entire gift card management process and deliver rewards instantly to your team for an enhanced experience. The best way to motivate employees is to let them choose what incentives they’d like to receive. Send, track and report gift cards digitally on one simple dashboard.


How it works

Send in Seconds
Employees Choose
Track & Report

A better, more personal experience

Over 90% of employees we’ve surveyed said they preferred receiving digital gift cards as rewards over physical ones because they were able to choose their reward and receive it instantly.

Brad Merrill
Plug & play rewards program

Your look & feel

We brand the platform with your logo and color scheme so you get all the credit.

Easy implementation

Get started immediately. Invite managers, allocate a budget and start giving recognition.

Over 100 top brands

Recipients choose from a catalog of all the top brands including Amazon, Nike, Visa, Target & more.

Remote employees

Maintaining a culture of recognition can be difficult when you have remote employees or offices. Our digital platform allows you to seamlessly send rewards to anyone, anywhere.

Save time

Reward programs can require lots of time and attention in order to stay consistent. We save our reward admins hours each week!

Simple reporting

No more spreadsheets or tracking every incentive sent. Our tool keeps a digital footprint of all activity so you can download one simple report whenever you need.

Rewards Program
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